Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bavarian Infantry Regiment "von Preysing"

Bavarian Infantry Regiment "von Pechmann"

Bavarian Infantry Regiment "von Morawitsky"

Bavarian Infantry Regiment "von Holnstein"

Bavarian Infantry Regiment "von Clemens"

New Brunswick Grenadiers

Again, Leib (two versions), von Behr, von Imhoff, and von Zastrow. I'm not sure of the pom-poms on the line units, or on the details around the pom-poms at all.

New Brunswick Musketeers

Leib (2 versions), von Behr, von Imhoff, and von Zastrow

David just couldn't bear my hacking at his here are his versions of the Brunswick musketeers, but with my coloring!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bavarian Infantry Regiment "Kurprinz"

The third figure here is shown in "Cornflower Blue" to compare with the others in "Savoy Blue."

Bavarian Infantry Regiment "von Minucci"

These Bavarians are in "Savoy" blue. They are darker than "Cornflower" blue, which is the color most wargamers use. I am pretty sure from the evidence of various authors that cornflower blue did not come into use until after the SYW, but that the Bavarians were not quite as dark as "Prussian" blue, either. Your mileage may of course vary tremendously!

Reichsarmee Infantry Regiment Lower Rhine Circle Electoral Mainz "Wildenstein"

Prussian Infantry Regiment 7 "Bevern"

Brunswick Infantry Jager

Brunswick Infantry Regiment "von Zastrow"

Brunswick Infantry Regiment "Leib"

Brunswick Infantry Regiment "von Imhoff"

Brunswick Infantry Regiment "von Behr"

Austrian Infantry Regiment "Kaiser"

Historical Uniforms from the Tippelbruder Templates

With David's permission, this blog will host colored versions of the templates he creates and hosts at:

Please note that for now this blog will host colored versions of actual uniforms. I am sure that there will be plenty of room at everyone's own blog for the fictional ones such as can be found at and its members.

These templates have all been colored by me, based on web references, my Pengel & Hurt collection, and the books by Bill Biles. Any errors are my own, but unintentional!

I invite you to offer your own versions of historical uniforms by commenting below.